Thursday, February 16, 2012

Just a few.



In lou of the title of my blog, I thought I would mention
just a few of my favorite things.

     1. Riding the bus to school every Tuesday and Thursday with my beautiful roommate, Katie. (also, laughing at the strange people who ride with us.)

2. Pulling out the guitar and strumming away all my frustrations.

       3. Cell phones. Be real friends, it's rough without one. Try it for a month and see.

  4. Friends. They are the stars of my world. 

5. Thinking about how lucky I am to be going to China in 3 months.

          6. Emailing people. <-- quickly becoming #1. 

  7. Filing my taxes and realizing I'm getting a bomb awesome return.

 8. Seeing someone from across the room, and having nothing to do but smile at them.

         9. Playing ping-pong until all hours of the night. Okay, really just 11:00.

  10. Meow.

            11. Buffing my fingernails. Quite relaxing, actually.

12. Reading recipes. More specifically, accomplishing recipes.

    13. Walking around the apartment in my wool slippers.

 14. Working. Truthfully, I love it right now.

        15. Having not one, or two, but three valentines!

    16. Daydreaming about going home for the weekend..

             17. Chamber Singers. Sanctus and Benedictus. Gorgeous.

       18. Sit on the end of my bed and kick my feet.

  19. The Doctrine and Covenants.

  20. Not having math homework all the time, like my friends do. :)
-- A Few of my Favorite Things --

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  1. Cristina! I just discovered your blog. It is wonderful. And I love riding the bus Tuesdays and Thursdays with you as well! Highlight of my week.