Thursday, October 20, 2011

Original Song


last night (and by last night I mean at 1 AM this morning) 
my friend and I recorded our very own original song!

In other words, our baby. :)

I now proudly introduce "Making You Wait"
an original song by the amazing Seth King
and yours truly.

Lyrics: Seth King
Music: Cristina Johnson
Vocals: Seth and Cristina

It isn't perfect yet, but we love it anyway. 
Watch out people, I'm on my way to fame.

This is definitely a favorite thing!

Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Singing, singing all the day

Remember how I said I am a music major in college? Well. To be more specific, I'm a choral education major. 


since USU is so cool, the education majors and the vocal  performance majors get treated just about the same. Even though I really am not into singing solo... I have to. it's whatevs. 

I have been working on a beautiful French piece by Canteloube,
and wanted to share it with you. Yes it is long, but you will fall in love with it.
Just like I have.

Beautiful, right? 

well, I'll be singing this, as well as five other art songs for my vocal jury in a month and half. Nervous much? Yes. This will be my barrier jury, meaning if I don't pass this one I'm out of the music program.


I'm not worried though. Everything will go great.

Also, yesterday I was introduced to a super-duper voice combo song, "Next To You" by Chris Brown featuring my main man, THE Biebs. Admittedly, during the summer with 
13 year-olds I caught the Bieber Fever. Yes.

Pretty good, right? It's not my most favorite, but I did enjoy it. :)
I'll be downloading Justin's new Christmas album very soon.

All music aside,
one of my new favorite things are sleepovers. I spring
out of bed instead of seeing how long I can stay asleep. 
Being at someone else's apartment really makes a difference. 

< These are some of my favorite things >

Monday, October 10, 2011

Proudly Presenting

Utah State University Chamber Singers
One of five choirs in the WORLD

has been invited to attend the worldwide conference in

Beijing, China.

We are happy to inform you that your presence here will be funded by our patrons. 
Welcome to the cool club!

SA-WEET, right? Friends, I'm going to China in May! For the amazing price of $500!! 
My life is complete. This is the ultimate choir experience. I am beyond excited.
Maybe.. possibly.. I was ready to drop out of school until I found out about this. 
I'll stay in school. 

This is a definite favorite thing. 

Monday, October 3, 2011

My my my..

SOOOO, sometimes people can punch you in the face. Really hard. Without even knowing they've done it. And what can we do? Punch back! Hah. I wish.
               Mostly I just sit at home for a few days, nursing my wounds in private, and then get out of bed and go back into life. There is nothing more to do without becoming violent myself. Then where would I be? Looking like this, which doesn't seem so bad.

This summer, I worked at Oakcrest LDS Girl's Camp (fret not, I won't get
all 'camp counselor' on you right now). On weekends, my sister and brother-in-law
kindly agreed to let me shack up with them. This meant extended time with the
fore-mentioned adorable nephews. During this time, Scott was having a hard time keeping his fists to himself during nursery at church, so I thought this would be an excellent
 time to teach him a great life skill. Spell casting. 

"Stupify!" "Petr(mumble)ficus Totallis!" This kid is awesome, okay. He is getting so good
at it, and it seemed to be helping with the hitting issue. Now he gets in trouble because people 
think he is saying 'stupid' to the other kids. Ignorant parents, haven't you seen 
Harry Potter? This kid is the coolest thing to ever happen!

Long story short, I've also been using this technique lately. Yes, I cast
spells at people in my head when I feel like hitting them. Sometimes I even point at them nonchalantly with my finger, for aim.

Today was one of those days.

If I had carried my wand with me today, two people would be stunned, four would be floating in the air, and one dead. Bummer.

But on a lighter note,
I heard/saw a construction worker singing at the top of his lungs
today on my walk to school. It was 
quite the event!

Although this might have sounded like a lot of negative, you have no idea how much fun I've been having today. In my head. Everyone thinks I'm crazy, and rightfully so-- I am. But I love it, and I wouldn't have it any other way! 

these are a just a few of my favorite things.

Sunday, October 2, 2011

say hello to my little friends

          I know I'll post about these little guys someday, so might as well do it now.


I have the cutest little children, don't I?
Okay, so they aren't mine. But they might as well be, I'm the favorite aunt. :)

About a month ago, we went on vacation to Bear Lake, and I got to spend some quality time with these handsome little dudes. Caleb has the most adorable swimsuit/bodysuit! Prepare yourself..

cute, right? 

Here he is in action. What an adorable little bugger.

This conference weekend, my roommate Stephanie and I were able to watch with them on Saturday. Let's just say that we didn't spend as much time watching the TV than we did watching these sweet brothers play. And hit.. and scream.. 

Scott is growing right up! What a big kid he is, reading letters off the page and telling me what the words mean. I can't believe how brilliant this 3 1/2 year old is. 

SO, basically these kiddos are some of my favorite parts about Sandy, Utah. 

Love life!

Hello there! I am here to introduce myself, 
because I'm just this cool.

I know you are all thinking, dang does 
she look good! Just so you know, I'm already 
aware of my frightful good looks.

So, a little something something about me. I'm in love with music.
It is my passion, and my life. 
I promise to post about music later, but my newest passion is photography!
Here is a sample of my fun fun fun try at photography already. 

I DO love this one.. 

So, my photography is a little silly, but I take pictures with heart. I'm sure.

    If you can't already tell, I am pretty cool. In other words, I think everything I do is quite hilarious

These are a few of my favorite things.