Friday, January 11, 2013

Junior Year.

Is this real? Am I seriously old enough to be in my junior year of college?


Last week, I worked on putting my room 
together in my new apartment. 

I love finding (or more often making) decorating 
items to fill space efficiently, and stylistically.

This year's theme? Bright, but not bubbly. Feminine, but not girly. Peaceful, but not traditional. And, of course, a theme that represents me.

 It began with these innocent looking circles. 
Okay, so it really began with these cute animals that Chris helped me cut out. 
What a nice guy he is.

I decided to have all the major animal groups represented. 
You know. 
Land, air, water, cats. Perfect.

In the end, I'm really happy

with this set up. I finally

get to display my tea cups and


Admittedly, it looks like a child lives here. 
Or at least a cute 12 year old. 

I'm 21. Nbd.

--a few of my favorite things--

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  1. You should see my room.... Actually, you already have.. nevermind.