Monday, September 30, 2013

It's OK.


So I'm not a sun-kissed blonde boho beach-bum.

So I live paycheck to paycheck.

So sometimes I skip my workout routine to watch Netflix.

So I currently have a perma-mullet.

So what?

I'm rocking it. 

I might not know what I want to do with my life,
but I'm living. Breathing. Doing.

I scored a sweet solo in choir,
because I prepared. Practiced

(That's an uncommon thing for me..)

I may or may not have had two major panic attacks today:

A fly landed on my eye. Landed on my eye.

(I even had the city bus driver laughing at my frantic screams)

I was forced to walk in front of a downhill facing dumptruck, 
nearly dropping my guitar and jumping behind a guy nearby
when the truck's driver chose to pump the brakes, 
lurching the truck toward me.

(The guy laughed as well, but at least he tried to hide it)

In review, 

I'm okay with me. 

I'm not perfect. I'm not cool. I'm not even halfway consistent most of the time.

But I am obsessive about a clean kitchen. I am getting much better at the guitar. I want to do well in school, at my job, and with my church calling. 

It's OK.  

A few of my favorite things

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  1. It IS ok! And with how the world is going, OK is FANTASTIC! I love you!