Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Singing, singing all the day

Remember how I said I am a music major in college? Well. To be more specific, I'm a choral education major. 


since USU is so cool, the education majors and the vocal  performance majors get treated just about the same. Even though I really am not into singing solo... I have to. it's whatevs. 

I have been working on a beautiful French piece by Canteloube,
and wanted to share it with you. Yes it is long, but you will fall in love with it.
Just like I have.


Beautiful, right? 

well, I'll be singing this, as well as five other art songs for my vocal jury in a month and half. Nervous much? Yes. This will be my barrier jury, meaning if I don't pass this one I'm out of the music program.


I'm not worried though. Everything will go great.

Also, yesterday I was introduced to a super-duper voice combo song, "Next To You" by Chris Brown featuring my main man, THE Biebs. Admittedly, during the summer with 
13 year-olds I caught the Bieber Fever. Yes.

Pretty good, right? It's not my most favorite, but I did enjoy it. :)
I'll be downloading Justin's new Christmas album very soon.

All music aside,
one of my new favorite things are sleepovers. I spring
out of bed instead of seeing how long I can stay asleep. 
Being at someone else's apartment really makes a difference. 

< These are some of my favorite things >

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