Saturday, March 3, 2012

Laughing. All the time.

I love to laugh. A lot.

Today I was trying to find this really funny picture to show
my family, and when I found it, I couldn't stop laughing!

I'm now going to share some things with you that make me laugh.
Really hard. And it's hard for me to put a cork in it after I see
or think about them. 

First up, Despicable Me. Arguably the best movie ever made, with the best little people in it. The Minions are hilarious. And I wish I could speak like them.

NEXT, this hilarious picture that seriously cracks me up
every time!

Some more super hilarious images..



Last, but def not least..

Too good. :) I'm still laughing. 
This next video is so funny to me.. so funny.

(sorry, there is light language)

Alright, I hope you laughed at the funniest
things in my life right now. 

Happy Saturday!

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