Monday, March 5, 2012

So smarty..

English 2010.

Great class, but not for the weak at heart.

Good thing I rock at life then, huh.

Me rocking life.

I spent this weekend at home, with my siblings, nephews, and parents. 
It was actually great fun! A perfect mix of family and alone time.

During this weekend, I was supposed to be working on a paper
for said English class. Did I?


Actually, I was pretty good and wrote a detailed outline.
Pretty good.

Since a draft is due tomorrow, I thought maybe I should put in some serious
time on it. So that, I dunno, it will sound like someone higher
 than third grade wrote it.

One hour later..


Hot off the presses. 


Three page paper titled "This, I Believe"
is finished. Boo-yes.

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