Friday, December 16, 2011

Artsy fartsy

You would not believe how artsy I have become! I am so proud of my accomplishments lately. 

Also, you know that feeling when you see something
on Pinterest, re-pin it, and say you will do this thing yourself? 
Well, I DID.

Introducing my crayon art.

Coolest thing, right?

Here's how we did it. And by 'we' I mean the incredibly
 talented Seth King and I.

We started by taping the canvases     
to a sheet of cardboard, to hold 
them together. Then we used
hot glue to attach the crayons.

Next, I used a blow-dryer to heat and melt the crayons down the canvases.

This was the COOLEST thing ever to do. I loved it. love love loved it :)

We separated the canvases,
giving a real artsy feel.

With his magical talent of art, Seth drew the little girl 
swinging from the crayons.

(this is my favorite detail)

Here she is, a little bigger.

this concludes the explanation of the magic.

..but not the pictures!

I now have a quite unique piece of art to hang 
wherever I live from now until I die.

Thank you Seth, for the Christmas gift. 
I love it!

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  1. Turned out SO cute! I love it when I actually finish something I pin on Pinterest. Nice work!