Thursday, January 19, 2012

Ice breakers

So... today I had a classic moment.

I was walking to the bus stop with my roommate,
and we were discussing how boots now-a-day 
are more for fashion than function. As in, they have 
no traction. 

Just as I'm saying this, I slipped and whhiipp *in air moment* FLOPPED.

We actually laughed for a while about it. Okay, we giggled for the next
five minutes, until we had to get on the bus.

Almost one year ago, I was in a similar situation.
However, it had a different ending.

A yit-tow crack in my bone, a few inches up from the base of my tibia.

This crack led to...

a fatty fatty ankle, and then..

a beautiful cast. so lovely.

So anyway, my slip/fall today reminded 
me of how grateful I am that I can walk walk walk everywhere, and not have a problem.

A sore ankle today is so much better than a 
broken leg for two months. :) 

Here's to a break-free winter!

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