Saturday, January 7, 2012

Nature walks and good friends!

A new semester, eh? 

Bring it!

But for reals, I am ready for it. It finally snowed today, so it feels like winter! And Utah. It feels like winter in Utah.

So, I've got some pretty cool friends here, and we do some pretty cool things now-a-day.
Such as... taking nature walks! Yesterday we did the same thing, and I wish
I had comparison pictures. We were commenting on how nice it is that there is no snow, 
and what did we wake up to? Several inches.


Then, after making this wonderful discovery 
of snow, we decided to walk in it.
And I brought my camera. 

Love the colors in this one!


Don't I have the best friends?

We had a grand ol' time runnnnning through the snow, enjoying the great company.
I suggest you try it.

~These are my favorite days ~

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