Saturday, January 7, 2012

Round DOS

I have been a busy little bee. Before Christmas break, I acquired a 
painting from the store (my first bought art!) and hung it 
in my humble apartment.

I truly love it, 
and was inspired 
by it. 

So inspired, 
in fact, 
that I decided to make a unique 
piece of art all by myself.

Over Christmas break I...

1. Built a frame
2. Stretched a canvas
3. Painted said canvas

But, there were several other steps involved.

I used some old trim for the frame, then cut up
my brother's old church shirt for the canvas. 

Classy, right?

Here she is. :D

After the shirt was stapled on, I painted and painted! 
As you can see, the bird addition was to help this painting somewhat
fit with the previous bird painting.

Yeah. Welp, that is about as good as my painting
skills are as of now..but I am going to
be working on it this semester! 

Look forward to coming installments. :)

{( My new favorite pastime )}

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