Tuesday, January 10, 2012


Oh D.I.
I truly love you.

My latest trip to the Logan location added a few things to my
growing collection of house decorations.

First after scrounging around the back room, I mentioned to my friend that "I guess you can't always find a treasure every trip," when what appeared before my eyes?!


Pretty great, right? I'm going to peel a few more of the chips off
since some are already fallen off, to help 
it look like it's supposed to be like that. 

Second, I found some fabulous little mugs that I fell in love with. 
They have great shape and are very feminine.

After doing some research, I found some 
enamel paint that I could use
to create a unique set of teacups.

 Last, this is what happened!

They are currently baking in the 
oven to seal the paint.
I can't wait to get them out and 
have a nice cup of cinnamon spice tea!

.favorite things.


  1. You are just so awesome!! I wish I was that cool!! :D

  2. Thanks, Tweety! What you don't realize is you ARE that cool. :)